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Motorcycle Accidents

When TBI occurs, legal steps now can protect the future

When a violent motor vehicle collision in California results in traumatic brain injury to a driver, passenger or pedestrian, there are often more questions than answers. There are also emotional turmoil and life challenges that do not slow down just because of the terrible event.

One new challenge that arises after a severe TBI is making sure the injured loved one is getting the care he or she needs in a timely manner. This includes not just the emergency care immediately after the accident but also the ongoing treatment after life-saving measures have occurred that can help reduce the severity of physical and mental impairments into the future.

Long-lasting impairments need future and ongoing care

As reported by the San Diego Union Tribune, the effects of a TBI can affect the ability to walk, think and talk. It can affect emotional well-being, as well as mental capacities involving memory and judgment. The ramifications are very individual and can vary wildly among the injured.

In San Diego, between the injured and their families caring for them, there are over 10,000 people affected by a TBI each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, well more than 100,000 who have suffered a TBI will have long-term effects rather than only short term, with an impairment or disability that is ongoing.

Family can seek compensation for future medical and care expenses

How does the injured person best ensure that the care needed many years from now, often very expensive, will be available from a financial perspective? That may depend on the actions of the able loved ones in the weeks and months following the injury.

Sometimes a TBI results due to no fault of anyone. However, often TBIs occur because someone was negligent and that negligence has caused the traumatic injury and severe impact on the life of the injured as well as his or her loving family. It is critical for those injured with a TBI that resulted from someone else’s negligence to take legal steps to protect their future ability to secure compensation for the expenses.

Time limits for securing compensation for future needs

Those who are the victim of a car or truck accident, for instance, have legal rights that can potentially secure for them the finances that will be necessary for many years into the future because of the accident. However, there is not an open-ended window of time in which to secure this coverage, and loved ones should take important steps now to protect the future.

As such, if a loved one with a TBI is unable to pursue his or her own legal rights for coverage for the current and future damages and expenses, it is imperative that the closest loved ones take steps to make sure that happens.

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