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Motorcycle Accidents

What to do after an accident

You almost never get a chance to see it coming. When an accident happens, the initial shock of the crash might leave you struggling to understand what just took place. In the aftermath of the accident, you need to quickly diagnose the situation to determine the proper steps to take to potentially preserve any claims that you may have.

In this post, we discuss what motorists should do immediately after a collision. Every accident is different, so be sure that you do whatever is necessary in the event that you or your passengers have been seriously injured. Seeking medical care is the most important thing to do, if you or anyone in your vehicle requires treatment. You need to do this right away in order to connect the injuries to the accident.

In the event that your accident is minor, you may be able to remain at the scene along with the other motorists involved. You need to make sure that you obtain the other drivers’ insurance information. Take photos of the insurance cards if you happen to have a camera phone.

Limit your discussions with the other drivers to the basic exchange of insurance information. While they may want to talk about the crash, you can only cause yourself problems if you say too much – even if you did not cause the accident. The more you say, the more evidence that could be used against you to reduce the compensation you may receive.

When the police come to the scene, make sure to give them a detailed statement about the crash. If the other drivers said anything that you feel is important and that police need to know, make sure to tell them or put it in your statement.

After a crash, memories can fade. Witnesses may misremember what happened, and the police report might be the only record of the accident. If crucial details are not present, it can have a serious impact on your case.

Gather the contact information from any witnesses to the crash. They can help establish your take on the accident. Also, document the scene by taking photos of the cars and roads where the accident happened. Make sure that you can show the damage that the crash caused to your vehicle.

Once you know more about the injuries and damage in your case, reach out to an experienced attorney for more information. Never talk to insurers before consulting an attorney. Their settlement offers may not be the full value of your claim.

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