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Motorcycle Accidents

January 2018 Archives

Why people should not drive while distracted

For many drivers in San Diego, driving with distractions is the norm. However, distractions are the primary reason why more fatal car accidents are occurring. Those who are in the habit of talking or texting on their phone, looking away from the road to talk to passengers, reaching for items and adjusting their vehicle’s infotainment system are endangering themselves and everyone on the roads. 

When TBI occurs, legal steps now can protect the future

When a violent motor vehicle collision in California results in traumatic brain injury to a driver, passenger or pedestrian, there are often more questions than answers. There are also emotional turmoil and life challenges that do not slow down just because of the terrible event.

What to do after an accident

You almost never get a chance to see it coming. When an accident happens, the initial shock of the crash might leave you struggling to understand what just took place. In the aftermath of the accident, you need to quickly diagnose the situation to determine the proper steps to take to potentially preserve any claims that you may have.

Keeping teen drivers safe

Teen driving safety is a very important topic in communities across Southern California. In October, law enforcement agencies, together with other groups throughout the state, held Teen Driver Safety Week. The event increased awareness of some of the most common causes of accidents by teens, and some of the things that parents and teens can do to help reduce the chance that an accident may happen.

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