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When to hire an attorney after a car accident

You are extremely lucky if you get through a car accident unscathed. Take one San Diego driver who was able to walk away from a severe crash that left the vehicle in several pieces. 

You may not always need to hire a lawyer following a traffic collision. Many people choose not to when it was simply a fender bender. However, others like having a lawyer by their side even in minor cases to simply review all legal options available. Here are the most common times when people consider bringing an attorney onboard: 

New 2018 driving laws in California

It is critical to remain up-to-date on new laws in your state. Pleading ignorance will not get you very far if law enforcement pulls you over. The State of California Department of Motor Vehicles published a list of these new laws, and it would be prudent to review all of them to ensure you remain in compliance.

The goal of all these laws is to reduce the number of negligence drivers should display on the road. These laws will help prevent motor vehicle accidents for many years to come. 

Distracted driving could impact your driving record

Many San Diego motorists may not be aware of recent changes in local traffic laws until they receive citations and fines for driving with their cellphones in hand. Distracted driving is worse than drunk driving. More people drive while distracted than they do while intoxicated. Studies show distracted motorists are more dangerous on the roads than drunk drivers, yet the penalties they receive are less harsh. 

Currently, any time law enforcement catches a motorist operating a motor vehicle with a cellphone in hand, the driver receives a citation and a small fine. Repeat offenses net higher fines. However, many motorists pay them and resume using their cellphones to surf social media, text and talk while navigating the roads. 

Why people should not drive while distracted

For many drivers in San Diego, driving with distractions is the norm. However, distractions are the primary reason why more fatal car accidents are occurring. Those who are in the habit of talking or texting on their phone, looking away from the road to talk to passengers, reaching for items and adjusting their vehicle’s infotainment system are endangering themselves and everyone on the roads. 

Distractions have many forms. Any activity that interferes with cognitive, visual and manual driving abilities increases the risk of causing motor vehicle collisions. 

When TBI occurs, legal steps now can protect the future

When a violent motor vehicle collision in California results in traumatic brain injury to a driver, passenger or pedestrian, there are often more questions than answers. There are also emotional turmoil and life challenges that do not slow down just because of the terrible event.

One new challenge that arises after a severe TBI is making sure the injured loved one is getting the care he or she needs in a timely manner. This includes not just the emergency care immediately after the accident but also the ongoing treatment after life-saving measures have occurred that can help reduce the severity of physical and mental impairments into the future.

Distracted drivers in San Diego and the risk of accidents

Today's drivers face more distractions than ever before. With a range of technology at every turn, many drivers are paying less attention to the road than they are to their devices, navigators, or text messages. 

In San Diego, distracted driving carries a big risk and can result in motor vehicle accidents that leave other drivers seriously injured. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding distracted drivers and the potential for accidents.

What to do after an accident

You almost never get a chance to see it coming. When an accident happens, the initial shock of the crash might leave you struggling to understand what just took place. In the aftermath of the accident, you need to quickly diagnose the situation to determine the proper steps to take to potentially preserve any claims that you may have.

In this post, we discuss what motorists should do immediately after a collision. Every accident is different, so be sure that you do whatever is necessary in the event that you or your passengers have been seriously injured. Seeking medical care is the most important thing to do, if you or anyone in your vehicle requires treatment. You need to do this right away in order to connect the injuries to the accident.

Keeping teen drivers safe

Teen driving safety is a very important topic in communities across Southern California. In October, law enforcement agencies, together with other groups throughout the state, held Teen Driver Safety Week. The event increased awareness of some of the most common causes of accidents by teens, and some of the things that parents and teens can do to help reduce the chance that an accident may happen.

We wanted to take a few moments to discuss some safe driving tips for teens, and also provide parents with some information that they can use to help keep their kids from being seriously injured in a crash. Taking a few moments to review this information can help make roadways safer for all California motorists.

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