Why You Need An Attorney Now

If you are hurt in a car accident, it is likely that an insurance adjuster for the negligent driver will contact you to talk about your case. It is best not to talk to the adjuster for the party that hit you. Remember, this adjuster's goal is to limit the amount of money that his or her company will pay you.

Without an attorney in your corner, you will likely do significant damage to your claim for compensation. The legal system is complex, and the other side will count on you not knowing your rights. Our lawyers at West Coast United Law will take up your fight for you while you focus on your recovery. Founded in San Diego and from offices across California, we serve clients who are dealing with the effects of all types of injuries and accidents.

What We Can Do For You

You should contact an attorney as soon as possible after your accident or have someone contact us on your behalf if your injuries prevent you from doing so. At West Coast United Law, we:

  • Already have a team in place: We have paralegals, investigators, accident reconstructionists and forensic evidence collection experts who will be ready to jump into action and build a strong case before evidence is lost.
  • Speak to insurance adjusters for you: Our founder, attorney George Arvanitis, spent a good deal of his career representing insurance companies in these cases. He knows their tactics and how to maximize your compensation.
  • Can handle everything on your behalf: We can speak to your doctors, negotiate, handle all of the paperwork and perform every single task involved with your case, allowing you to worry only about getting better.

You cannot and should not try to recover compensation on your own. Mr. Arvanitis is a veteran of many personal injury trials. He is not just looking for a quick settlement for you. He and the rest of our team will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Information You Can Use, Even If You Decide Not To Hire Us

We know that there are many firms vying to handle your claim. We welcome the chance to tell you more about what you know need to know about these cases. Even if you decide to go with a different law firm, or attempt to handle your case on your own, we can provide you with detailed information about what you need to watch out for on your case. We want you to gain an understanding of the process that you can use throughout your case.

Talk To West Coast United Law Before You Talk To Anyone

Do not talk to insurance adjusters and do not reach out to the other driver. Let our attorneys handle all of the complex legal work for you so you can be sure that you are in the best position to secure maximum compensation. To learn more, email us or call 800-483-1729 today. You will owe no fees if we cannot recover compensation for you.