Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Claims

In California, motorists are required to have insurance if they are operating a vehicle on roads throughout the state. While most drivers comply with this law, there are still many who do not. When these drivers cause an accident, it can cause significant problems for those who have suffered serious injuries.

At West Coast United Law based in San Diego, we help people who have been involved in accidents caused by uninsured or underinsured motorists. Our lead attorney, George Arvanitis, has more than three decades of personal injury law experience. Mr. Arvanitis worked for insurance companies before representing those injured in these crashes and understands what needs to be done to recover compensation for you and your family.

Examining Your Claim To Find The Best Possible Options

These types of cases can be extremely complex. If the driver had insurance, we will review the policy in question to determine what sort of recovery is possible. We will also review your insurance policy because your insurer also may have obligations to cover some of the expenses that exceed the other driver's policy limits.

If the driver was uninsured, we again will look at your policy to learn more about the coverage that you have in place. Once we know the options available to us, we will negotiate with insurance companies to help you receive an offer that is in your best interests.

These negotiations may not result in a settlement of your case. The insurers may try to fight your claims and make offers substantially less than the value of your case. Should this happen in your situation, we are ready for trial.

After law school, Mr. Arvanitis worked in New York City, which instilled in him an aggressiveness and tenacity that he will bring to your case. With several personal injury trials over the past three decades, Mr. Arvanitis and the rest of our team are here to fight for you.

Take Action Today To Protect Your Case

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